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Mahdiyeh Educational Hospital is located in the southern section of Tehran, the capital of Iran in a land area of 29000 m² with buildings enclosing a useful 13000 m² whose donator was Mr. Haj Mahmud Sabouhi. It began its treatment activities in January 1983, while its educational mission started since 1987 in an experimental form.

Mahdiyeh Educational Hospital had been constructed in 1955, however, its central building which was constructed in 5 floors in an area of 13000 m² in 1971, was ready for use as late as 1983.

The Tehran Emergency Organization headquarters building was constructed and began operation in an area of 100 m² in this hospital.

 Hospital Services:

At the beginning of its mission, Mahdiyeh Hospital had been working solely in obstetrics & GYN; however, following recruiting the necessary academic faculty in 1987, it has been capable of rendering its services in the form of an educational hospital.

The selection of Mahdiyeh Educational Hospital as a unique female hospital energized and motivated the hospital directors to fundamentally renovate the wards and centralize all the clinics in the central building; while there have been newly added wards such as ICU, and CCU, as well as Ward #3. In line with the changes, the hospital has converted itself into an educational and general hospital for females not uniquely in obstetrics & GYN, but in many other fields of specialty with 137 active beds, and 55 beds for its special wards.

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